What our clients say

“DNW Cleaning carry out anywhere between 5 and 15 End of Tenancy Cleans for us each week, all of which are to the exacting standard that are clients require. They are flexible and more than accommodating to work around late or early move ins to ensure that there are no delays for our Tenants.”
Jake Willis, Co-Founder, London Shared

Testimonials from London Shared

“Dan from DNW has always been professional and polite, and with his inside knowledge of the lettings industry is always helpful with any queries or issues we have with the cleaning.”
Kelly Bond, Director, Ask Inventories

Testimonials from Ask Inventories

“We have found DNW Cleaning to be more than capable of carrying out the work that we require. Having a cleaner attend all check in / out appointments ensures there is never the need to return to a property as is so often the case with other cleaning companies.”
Lisa Godfrey, Property Manager, Milestone & Collis

“We have worked with DNW cleaners for several years and have always found them to provide reliable, efficient and cost effective service. The team at DNW are always friendly and accommodating and we have no hesitation in recommending their services.”
Regan McMillan, Managing Director, Kiwi Movers


“I find DNW Cleaning to be quick, efficient and helpful but more importantly, very good at their work. Knowing they are carrying out work on our behalf means we can rest easy in the office.”
Lucie White, Owner, Lucie White and Co

“Providing in excess of 2,000 Inventory inspections per annum across South West London we see first-hand the quality of a variety of professional cleaning companies. Dan and his team at DNW have proved reliable and consistent for the properties we have inspected, always reaching the high standard that our clients and tenants demand while working to tight turn-around times and completing the jobs on time.”
Alex Jackson, Director, ACT Property Services